Corporate Office Space Project: Charles Schwab – Huntersville, NC

Turning a family restaurant into an office space is no easy feat. That was the challenge presented to Buildrite when taking on the Charles Schwab remodeling project in Huntersville, NC. The task was to transform a freestanding Taco Mac restaurant into a Class A office space. The project included demolition, installations and some stone and wood paneling. The porch, used for dining tables, was turned into a landscaping area. While the project was a larger scale at 7300 sq ft, the office space was coming together smoothly. However, the job was complicated by the space’s former interior use, particularly what used to be the kitchen. Due to the drainage system of the kitchen, the slab was uneven. Because of this, Buildrite had to make sure that the ground was level across the entire space. Despite the challenges, Buildrite successfully completed the Charles Schwab project in 14 weeks nonstop. Take a look at the project photos below. Project Type: Corporate Office Space Size of the Project: 7300 sq ft Project Duration: 14 weeks Space: Class A interior office space Services: Demolition, interior and exterior painting and remodeling, paneling, framing, drywall, new ceilings, electrical, HVAC, new plumbing installation, sprinklers and security system. Vision: Complete remodeling of the entire building from a restaurant to an office workspace. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="16" gal_title="Charles Schwab Project"]   [blue-quote]