Buildrite Renovates Vision Source Retail Office

Buildrite Construction recently completed renovating a retail optometry office for Fisher Eye Associates’ Vision Source in Oviedo, Florida. This project required the renovation to be executed in a complex series of phases, since the retail office had to remain open daily and serve customers during the end of the year, which was their busiest time. By working with the doctor and his team on a daily basis, Buildrite was able to create a plan to section off the renovation, allowing the office to setup temporary exam and waiting rooms. This helped the office and its customers to continue normal business and even maintain Covid protocols for the duration of the project. The office was almost 5,000 square feet and the renovation included many construction services such as demolition, framing, drywall, new ceilings, interior painting paneling, wood trim, new flooring, electrical, HVAC and new fixtures. Buildrite Renovates Vision Source Retail OfficeVision Source is the premier network of private practice optometrists in North America. Vision Source is represented in over 3,200 locally owned optometrist practices and more than 4,500 doctors, collaborating and providing professional eye care and associated services. Vision Source personnel serve approximately 16 million patients per year. Read more about Buildrite's renovation services.