The History of Buildrite Construction – Now in its 40th Year!

Bryan Alexander, the founder of Buildrite Construction, has built this company on his strong work ethic. In fact Bryan’s history of working goes all the way back to when he was in 3rd grade delivering newspapers! His work continued over the years – at age 14 he went to work for his uncle who was a plumbing contractor. Bryan worked summers throughout high school cleaning up construction job sites, where he also learned to paint. After high school, Bryan went to Georgia Tech. Staying true to his work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, in 1982 he started Bryan Alexander General Contractors – doing home improvements and repairs. This is the foundation of Buildrite Construction. Builrite Commercial ConstructionBryan persevered with his business, knocking door to door to clean residents’ gutters and do any kind of work on homes. As it turned out, one of these home owners also owned a commercial building which needed a lot of work. The owner offered to Bryan the chance to renovate it – which Bryan did. There was so much renovation work required that it took him several years! This renovation led to meeting more people and acquiring more work – and Buildrite’s overall work load expanded. This included doing contractor work for a number of TCBY stores. And a friend of Bryan’s at the time purchased a GreatClips franchise. Buildrite performed the construction for this, which led to a lot of franchise expansion work for additional GreatClips stores. About this time Bryan placed a Yellow Pages ad which brought in more work. And which led to Bryan meeting some commercial realtors, which also led to more work. Bryan then purchased a Florida contractor’s license. His team suddenly became very successful in Florida due to its strong work ethic and extended working hours. This led to Buildrite’s further expansion. Buildrite started expanding throughout the southeast – starting with the states bordering Georgia (where Buildrite continues to be headquartered). Buildrite Construction has always done above and beyond the work expected, at fair prices, with open communication to drive success. Bryan roots his success in his team – which he calls brilliant and full of integrity. Together they help clients build and renovate their brands through construction – helping clients further to meet their goals. Today Bryan works in upper management of Buildrite Construction, managing construction teams, accounting, marketing, forward-thinking and technology. Bryan likes solutions that work in win-win-win scenarios – wins for the client, the Buildrite team and Buildrite’s partners, subcontractors and suppliers. Buildrite’s 40th anniversary is in 2022 – proving Buildrite’s strength, persistence, resilience and dedication. Buildrite is stronger than ever and getting better than ever – every year! Here’s to another 40 years for Buildrite Construction and its clients! Read more about Buildrite Construction’s company and reputation.