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How Commercial Rebranding Construction Loans Work

Itemizing commercial project bids

Commercial construction projects are comprised of a variety of materials, labor, and planning costs. When opening bidding for a commercial project, be sure to ask for […]

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Planning Your Commercial Renovation Project

What is Design Build?

Design build is a construction development system that streamlines the management of multiple entities involved in a project from start to finish into one point of […]

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What is Connected Construction and Is It Important?

What is a General Contractor?

All construction projects, from new builds, to renovations, to remodels, require the organization and management of a lot of moving parts. Equipped with specialized skills essential […]

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Aspects to Retail Development and Construction in Atlanta

Atlanta is an ever-growing and developing city with lots of opportunity, especially in retail. However, to create a successful retail development, you have to ensure that […]

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