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What Does It Take To Do Commercial Remodeling?

When planning a commercial construction project there are two approaches. The first is to build a new structure from the ground up and the second is […]

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What is Connected Construction and Is It Important?

What Makes a Good Commercial Construction Company

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that offer commercial construction services across the United States. These companies vary in all aspects of price points […]

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How Technology Helps Your Construction Project

Types of Construction Management Contracts (continued)

In our previous blog post we disclosed two common types of construction contracts – Unit Pricing and Lump Sum or Fixed Price Contracts. In this post […]

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How Commercial Rebranding Construction Loans Work

Different Types of Construction Contracts Explained

Construction contracts protect both the builder and customer for a specified building or remodeling job. These different types of construction contracts, or legal documents, usually lay […]

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