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Construction Technology Trends

Identifying the Best Commercial Building Construction Firm in Atlanta

Atlanta is constantly growing – and booming in commercial building construction. There is a lot of opportunity in business, so there is much demand for construction […]

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Dyer & Posta

What is Roll Out Construction?

Retail construction takes many shapes and forms. That even goes for brands and multi-site stores. Whether they’re big box retail, stores-within-stores, mall stores or stand alone, […]

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What is Dark Shell Construction

What is White Box Construction?

When a business is going to move into an office building or strip mall, it has to start with something. Since no two businesses are alike, […]

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How Commercial Rebranding Construction Loans Work

How to factor state taxes and other fees into commercial construction contracts

Construction contracts are made up of numerous costs. This is especially true with time and materials itemized contracts (as opposed to lump-sum contracts). Less tangible costs […]

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