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Corporate Office Space Project: Charles Schwab – Huntersville, NC

Turning a family restaurant into an office space is no easy feat. That was the challenge presented to Buildrite when taking on the Charles Schwab remodeling […]

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commercial remodeling and renovation

Planning a Commercial Remodeling and Renovation Project

Have a booming business, trying to improve your office space, or contemplating a redesign of your store to better utilize your work environment? All are examples […]

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Commercial Construction Project: Hertz Car Rental- Atlanta, GA

What do you do when your construction site just happens to be the world’s busiest airport? That was the challenge that Buildrite ran into when working […]

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What is Construction Management?

Construction Budgeting 101

Construction projects, by their very nature, can be burdensome, both financially and logistically. Yet a project’s success often hinges on creating and sticking to a comprehensive […]

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