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What is Dark Shell Construction

Hot Commercial Reimaging Construction Trends

Reimaging a commercial building involves renovating it to revitalize signage and brand representations and colors. This is done to achieve and portray a new image for […]

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Buildrite is Licensed in 50 States Plus Puerto Rico!

Buildrite Construction is proud to announce it is licensed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico! Buildrite is also insured in those locations. Buildrite plans to […]

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A Commercial Building Reimaging and Renovation Checklist

Office Renovation Costs

Construction is a broad industry with many factors, but what specifically contribute to office renovation costs? Normally there are the typical costs of ownership and costs […]

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What does a project manager do in roll out construction

What Does a Project Manager Do in Roll Out Construction?

In the building industry, a project manager is another name for a construction manager – and it’s a role with incredible responsibility. Most construction project managers […]

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