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Office White Box Building Construction

What is a White Box Finish?

The term “white box” in construction and real estate signifies how completed and ready a building space is before tenant improvements (TIs). A white box finish […]

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Commercial Office White Box Construction

BuildRite Construction is proud to announce it is an authorized DIRTT installer

DIRTT stands for Doing It Right This Time and offers modular interior systems for a variety of work environments. DIRTT’s mission is to modernize the building […]

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Leasing Office

An Office Build-Out Checklist

What exactly is an office build out? Build-out construction is often affiliated with TIs or tenant improvements. In other words, in an office setting, the landlord’s […]

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Understanding Retail Construction Services

Like any building construction, retail construction needs to be built well to the specs of the customer needs and overall industry. However retail construction services can […]

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