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What is An Office Fitout?

What Is An Office Fitout?

An office fitout refers to the process of transforming an empty commercial space into a functional and efficient office environment.  Usually, this means that the landlord […]

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Construction manager vs General Contractor

Construction Manager vs General Contractor

In this article, we outline Construction Manager vs General Contractor. A construction manager and a general contractor are both essential in the construction industry. But they […]

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What Does A Site Development Contractor Do?

What Does a Site Development Contractor do?

A site development contractor handles the design and construction of commercial properties.  These properties can include office buildings or retail centers. They can also include manufacturing […]

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What is Tenant Improvement

What is Ti (Tenant Improvement)?

Commercial, industrial, and sometimes office properties often need tenant improvement to match the new tenants requirements. The improvements costs are usually split between the landlord and […]

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