Searching for the Best Construction Builders in the Southeast

Commercial construction projects require hiring a builder who has the needed experience for your particular type of project. Is business booming and you need to expand, restructure or redesign? Or are you looking to start from the ground-up and take an empty space and make it uniquely yours? Whatever service you are looking for, this general contractor or construction company is about to become your partner, and you want to ensure that you find the best one for your job. When searching for the best construction builders in the southeast, here are a few key points to consider.

Search for construction builders by services and industry

To start, it is important to identify which companies offer the needed construction service, preferably with experience within your particular industry. For example, office space is categorized into three categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A constructed buildings often require millworkers who can do custom finishes including glass, hardwood veneer, and specialty stone cutting. Additionally, Class A buildings may have food facilities, copy stations, postal services, fitness centers, or even child care facilities. However, Class C buildings target tenants who simply need functional space, and don’t require as many specialty workers. It is not enough to just find someone who has experience building office space, get examples of what types of offices they have constructed in the area, and ask for references. best construction builders in the southeast

Construction builders licensed in the southeast

Once you have started a list of companies that have the necessary service and industry experience, be sure to confirm that these construction firms are licensed to work all over the southeast. These companies will be able to show proper licensing, bonding, insurance, and any other state or local government requirements to work in those areas. You will want to ensure that their insurance is comprehensive and in good standing; this will protect you and your project in case something occurs during the build. To do this, you can request insurance verification from their provider.

Search for companies that have won awards and special recognition

These can include any kind of award from a local chamber of commerce or local media outlets. Companies with a high financial rating from Dun & Bradstreet, a corporation that specializes in reporting on the financial wellness and credit of businesses, will provide a good idea of how the companies manage the monetary portion of their business. Lastly, check their CBRE Contractor Score. This score measures a contractor’s management capacity as well as their short-term financials. For reference, a 2500 is considered a perfect score. Remember the company you choose becomes your business partner. It is essential to do your research and pick a firm with experience, great reviews, and proper licensing to work in the southeast. If you check all of these items, you are well on your way to identifying the construction builder that will the best for your project. If you’re interested in identifying one of the best construction builders in the southeast, see more info on BuildRite’s construction services.