Identifying the Best Commercial Contractors in the South

The process of finding the best commercial contractor in the south to work on your construction project can initially feel a bit overwhelming. The following information should provide insight to guide your online research and the key questions to ask.

Skills and Certifications

To begin, do a little online research to identify commercial contractors or firms in the south that offer traditional contracting or complete design-build services. From there, look to see that a company has all the necessary licensing and insurance requirements for the area of the south where your project is based. Contracting license requirements vary by state, and a license is only valid for the state where it is issued. The firm or individual should, at minimum, have fulfilled all of the requirements of the project area’s local governing body. You can also request an insurance verification from their provider to ensure that they are carrying the appropriate amount of insurance. Many locations in the southeast will present some obstacles. From zoning and environmental issues to limitations associated with building in historic districts, location can impact the construction process and scheduling. Finding a contractor with the skills and experience working in the area will help ensure that you find the best commercial contractor for your project.

Record and Reputation

If you’re looking to hire someone and don’t know where to start, pick your favorite recent construction project. Find out what contractor they used, and how happy they were with the results. Longevity is another key factor in identifying the best commercial contractors in the south. Look for a firm or individual who has been managing their business under the same name for a number of years. A large portfolio and a bevy of projects provides you with actual proof of the quality of their work, and should include customer referrals. Finding a company that has been around for decades ensures that they are not operating under bad business practices and ensure that the company does right by their customers. There are some immediate red flags that warn potential customers that this company could be difficult to work with. To recognize these companies, be on the lookout for:

Best Commercial Contractors in the SouthRed Flags

  • Lack of communication and reachability
  • No references
  • High EMR/poor safety records
  • High change order rates
  • Unusable or expired licenses
  • No affiliation to a trade association
  • Lack of transparency in bid regarding services and costs
In conclusion, your main focus is to identify a commercial contractor with proven experience for building in the area of the south where you are located. Then be sure to have an in-person meeting to confirm that this firm or individual is someone with whom you can build and maintain a strong working relationship. Read about BuildRite's commercial construction services.