Identifying the Best Commercial Building Construction Firm in Atlanta

Atlanta is constantly growing – and booming in commercial building construction. There is a lot of opportunity in business, so there is much demand for construction as well. But how too find the best commercial building construction firm in Atlanta? Here are some tips to help. First of all, commercial building construction is very different than residential construction, and contractors often focus on one or the other. Commercial building can also include more industrial construction such as buildings like factories, skyscrapers, bridges, warehouses and more. It can include design, installs and maintenance of mechanical and structural components. It is also often ground-up construction. One way to identify a good commercial contractor in Atlanta or elsewhere would be to identify a recent construction project you liked or perceive went well. Identify what contractor was used and how happy the client was with the results. History would also be a good factor in identification – how long has the building firm you are looking at been in business under the same name? Longevity with a portfolio and long list of projects says a lot and can demonstrate the quality of their work. Likewise their portfolio should include customer referrals. It can really help to identify a commercial building construction firm in Atlanta which has been around for decades and appears to be reputable, operating under best business practices and historically does right by their customers. best commercial building construction firm in Atlanta Things to watch out for could include:

  • Bad safety records
  • Expired or inapplicable licenses
  • No trade association affiliations
  • Large change order rates
  • Lack of references
  • Poor accountability or lack of transparency in services and charges
  • Poor communication or reachability
Additionally, the best commercial contractors have all the proper bonding, licensing and insurance required by the state for the required building. Prospects can also request insurance verification from the contractor’s insurance provider. The contractor should likewise have a comprehensive portfolio with clients and projects including the applicable industry niche. And the portfolio should show project builds from start to finish. Likewise the construction firm should have a wide network of specialists they work with for finished quality projects within budget, efficiency and with few unforeseen challenges. Other good advise when seeking a good commercial building construction company is to research customer reviews and talk to former customers as references. References and reviews can tell you how former projects went utilizing the builder. Did the contractor communicate well and answer customer questions accurately? Was the builder easy to work with? Did the project stay within budget and scope? Was the work site clean and safe? Were there unforeseen issues and how were they handled? All of these allude to not only how the building company handled the project but also their clients. Use these tips wisely to help identify your best commercial building construction firm in Atlanta or elsewhere. Read more about BuildRite’s commercial construction services.