Benefits of Steel Stud Construction

When you think of framing your new commercial warehouse, light construction or other business building, you often think of stacks of lumber going up as the frame. Lumber has been used for many years for building frames. It is durable, renewable, and works well for many building applications. There is an alternative, however. Steel or metal studs offer many advantages. 


Steel studs in commercial construction are sometimes preferred because of the extra durability they offer. Unlike lumber, metal is resistant to fire, insects, and mold. If your building is an area that is prone to fires, steel stud construction – especially when paired with other fire-resistant building materials – can keep your building safer from harm and reduce the risk.  In addition, steel doesn’t attract termites and other wood-eating insects. Mold and rot that may happen with lumber isn’t a problem, so this may be a good solution if your business is in a damp, humid area. 

Benefits of Steel Stud ConstructionQUALITY AND BUILDING EASE

In many cases, steel studs are easier to install than lumber. Metal is often lighter than wood, which means the construction crew can place the studs in commercial building construction more easily. If the studs are prefabricated, there is also less waste. With lumber, the framers need to cut each board to the right size, meaning more cutting and more cleanup.  Lumber can also warp due to deformities in the wood and inconsistent drying or other factors. This means that there is often even more waste as the crew sorts through boards that can’t be used. With wood, there’s also a possibility that the boards will warp or bend slightly later, hurting the longevity of the commercial construction building. This is not a problem with steel construction. Metal studs have consistent quality and ensure the structural integrity of your commercial warehouse space.  While metal studs in construction do have their disadvantages – such as a higher cost and the need for modified insulation – they can help ensure the quality and durability of your commercial building. If you choose to go with a steel frame for your building, use a commercial builder who has experience with them. Many traditional construction companies use only wood, so they will not be familiar with steel stud construction, and that can cost you money as they learn on the job. Buildrite Construction has many years of experience with steel, and you’ll enjoy the efficient construction and long-term durability of your new commercial building. Read more about Buildrite’s commercial construction services.