BuildRite Construction is proud to announce it is an authorized DIRTT installer

DIRTT stands for Doing It Right This Time and offers modular interior systems for a variety of work environments. DIRTT’s mission is to modernize the building industry with sustainable, unique, responsive workspaces via its Agile Architectural Solutions. DIRTT offers manufactured walls easily incorporated with furniture and storage. DIRTT walls are movable, with access floors, to allow for a great degree of flexibility and comfortable worker productivity.

DIRTT’s Agile Architectural Solutions are created to greatly minimize building and renovation waste such as dumping, demolition and rebuilding. As a result DIRTT products are productive for economics as well as sustainability. In fact DIRTT has won awards for these properties of its products.

BuildRites DIRTT installation in Akron OH

The manufactured walls and doors of DIRTT products are very customizable for best space integration as well as total office visual experience. Available ICE® software allows visualization of these products in design and customization stages.

There are also great, pre-fabricated power and electrical solutions for DIRTT walls. DIRTT products are delivered with correctly sized electrical cables and components, ready for easy connections.

DIRTT includes millwork solutions ready for easy-to-shut hands-free drawers, lockers, sinks, fold-down beds, office furniture, desks, full cabinets, counters – all available in multiple shapes and finishes. Capabilities and costs are easily identified in conjunction with design choices via the ICE® software. All products are highly durable and long lasting.

Raised, low profile flooring is available via DIRTT which can be power- and data-infrastructure ready. A much smarter, easier and quicker install option than hanging cables from ceilings. All of these solutions are pre-assembled and tested in-house with DIRTT, as opposed to increasing time and costs required in being built ground-up at customer location.

Specifically, products include DIRTT Walls, DIRTT Power, DIRTT Networks, DIRTT Millwork, and ICE® software. The results are customized self-expression and dynamic sustainability for productive work spaces that have won awards. DIRTT offers its real-time, 3D interactive ICE® software for quick information flow starting from design to point-of-sale to assembly and finishing. DIRTT is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta but has additional manufacturing locations in Savannah, Georgia; Kelowna, British Columbia; and Phoenix, Arizona; with additional office and learning locations in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

Contact BuildRite Construction for customized DIRTT assembly and installation of flooring, doors, walls, millwork, power and data hookups nationwide.