2016 Trends in Construction [Infographic]

The construction industry as a whole had an amazing 2015 and there is plenty of evidence pointing towards an even more profitable 2016. Each sector is expected to grow or maintain its revenue and workload. Analysts across the board expect a growth averaging at 8.2% in the billion-dollar industry. 2016 construction trends by buildrite construction (infographic) [embedimage img=”https://buildriteconstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2016-Construction-Trends-infographic-2.png” title=”2016 Trends in Construction by Buildrite Construction”]

Smart Buildings

Requests for building automation have increased exponentially, with the market recognizing it as a necessity rather than a perk. More customers are requesting smart alternatives to things like lighting systems, security, temperature controls, electricity and gas, as well as other luxurious possibilities. Automating these systems can lower utility bills and is arguably more environmentally-friendly.

BIM and Laser Scanners

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been a market trend for years as a method of digitally representing characteristics of a space in both a physical and a functional manner. BIM provides transparency among teams involved in a construction project and allows for better collaboration as a whole. Not only that, BIM is more accurate when it comes to project document generation than, arguably, any other method. This technology has been requested more and more, and in 2016 it is likely that it will become an expectation within the construction industry. Laser scanners and the like are also becoming increasingly popular. While BIM dominates the construction market, 3D laser scanners create digital reproductions of a certain space and positions of objects within it. Using this information, a highly accurate image of the space can be created using millions of pieces of data. It is predicted that this technology will grow in awareness and popularity in 2016 and continue to grow in the coming years. An excellent example of this technology is the Faro Scanner, which uses a 360-degree camera. It scans the room that it’s in and provides both a 3D and 2D model of the space with much more detail than the manual options today.

Security and Surveillance

Worksite safety is becoming an increasing concern for construction companies. As a whole, construction companies are investing in more surveillance for worksites for protection against worksite theft or fraud. Cybersecurity is also increasing and becoming the standard in protection against phishing and other hacking threats. The consensus from multiple panelists’ forecasts for the AIA shows a 3% increase in spending in 2016 going towards public safety in comparison to 2014, showing the importance of safety both in and around worksites.

Going Green

Companies, corporations, and individuals alike are marketing the importance of being “green”. Sustainability, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality are just some of the ways that a building can become environmentally-friendly. While being eco-friendly can be expensive, it is highly marketable and will increase in importance as 2016 progresses. Commercial construction has possessed a bigger percentage of environmentally-friendly projects, but this year the residential sector is on track to catch up.


Remodeling a space you already own instead of creating a new one is proving to be much more popular in 2016 than in previous years. Commercial spaces are constantly looking to re-do their look and feel to appeal to a different audience or to a more modern clientele. Some companies are looking for a more residential feel for their spaces so customers and clients feel more comfortable. Other companies use remodeling as a means of rebranding, changing the design and layout to support an updated company image. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, remodeling will dominate the market in comparison to building new space. [gray-ebook]